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Why I Created

Both my wife and I are podcasters, and we love how podcasts allow us to share knowledge with the world. But there are two big challenges to podcasting: finding great guests and increasing listenership.

That's why I created 

Need great guests? Find other podcasters and experts that already know what it takes to be a guest and invite them on your program.

Want more exposure? helps in two ways. First, being a guest on another podcast helps spread the word about your podcast. Second, when you invite another podcaster or expert to be on your program, they usually help promote their guest appearance.

After you sign up, I'll send you a weekly email with opportunities for you to appear on podcasts as a guest. Find a good match? Just fill out the form and your information will be sent to the podcaster.

Looking for other podcasters and experts to be guests on your program? Complete a short form and I'll send it out in the weekly emails. Interested podcasters will fill out a form with their qualifications and you'll get access to their information. (They won't get your email address, so you don't have to worry about spam!)

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